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Rotomix Fans

Types RV, RVU, RVS

  • Ceiling diffusers with a Rotomix Fan guarantee an optimal room interior climate by means of a controlled air flow and a regular air circulation without draught
  • Rotomix Fans mix a constant volume of warm room air with the cold incoming air
  • Rotomix Fans with moisture-proof insulation (IP 44) and temperature control, allowable ambient air temperature: – 25°C up to + 50°C
  • Power requirement: 230 V AC; 50Hz; 0,26 Amp.; 58 Watt; 2.500 RPM.; air mixing capacity approx.. 560 m³/h
  • For ceiling diffusers:
    -TQD 1 and TQD 2: Type RV
    -QD 1: Type RVU inl. mounting fixtures
    -QD S: Type RVS incl. mounting fixtures
  • Manufactured of high standard ecologically friendly plastic
  • Specific design guarantees high durability

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Type Article-No. Allocation Qty./Box
RV 21001250 TQD 1 / TQD 2 5
RVU 21001255 QD 1 5
RVS 21001260 QD S 5

Dimensions in mm. Subject to technical changes