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 Type WSKH

  • Plastic fan louvre shutter for exhaust ventilation
  • Self-adjusting blades
  • Outdoor weathering resistant (UV-stabilized)
  • Suitable for an operating temperature range of -30° C to +90° C
  • Maximum flow velocity 10 m/s
  • Specific design guarantees high durability
  • Manufactured of high standard ecologically friendly plastic
  • Number of blades varies according to the size of the shutter
  • WSKH 55 – 85 divided into two parts by a middle strap
  • From WSKH 90 divided into three parts by middle straps; supplied in three parts for self-assembly
  • Each part of the shutter is equipped with an elongated hole to fasten it on the wall (see also pic. Large Corner Brace for Box Profile)
  • Available as special fabrication (WSKH-S) in all sizes

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