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SmartFan® Pro BT
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Home ventilation system with patented ventilation technology
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SmartFan® Pro BT ventilation technology

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    SmartFan® Pro BT

    Compact home ventilation with wireless control unit

    The home ventilation system for all construction requirements – perfect for renovation

    Experience the new generation of decentralised home ventilation systems with SmartFan® Pro BT. Now even quieter and more efficient at maximum flow rate in the smallest of spaces. Highly energy saving heat recovery and a secure wireless solution make SmartFan® Pro BT the most futureproof ventilation technology for residential construction – whether for new build or renovation. This advanced ventilation system has inbuilt heat recovery which allows energy savings of up to 69 %. SmartFan® Pro BT has the latest components to optimise air flow, reduce noise and recover heat, making it the perfect energy saving solution for your home.

    Our SmartFan® Pro BT can supply fresh air to every room in your home, including living rooms, bedrooms and playrooms. This can be controlled individually according to your requirements using unique wireless Bluetooth Mesh technology. Installing a SmartFan® Pro BT is quick and straightforward. All you need is a core hole drilled through an external wall.

    Patented InfinityAirTechnology – greater comfort and quicker installation

    The SmartFan® Pro BT uses patented InfinityAirTechnology which combines four different technologies in one – PreTech, VenTech, GripTech and RecoTech – so it can achieve the greatest efficiency, aerodynamics and sustainability. The serrated blade geometry, heat-storing plastic and aerodynamic finger guard set new standards.

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    Technical data

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    Technical data
    Allgemein General
    Wärmebereitstellungsgrad, ηmax. Heat recovery rate, ηmax. % 92
    Wärmebereitstellungsgrad, ηØ, ERP Heat recovery rate, ηØ, ERP % 85
    Wärmebereitstellungsgrad, ηØ, DIBt Heat recovery rate, ηØ, DIBt % 82,1

    Stufe 1

    Level 1

    Stufe 2

    Level 2

    Stufe 3

    Level 3

    Stufe 4

    Level 4

    Volumenstrom2) Airflow volume2) m3/h 17 28 39 55
    Schalldruckpegel3) Sound pressure level3) db(A) 12 | 104) 19 | 164) 26 | 234) 33 | 304)
    Leistungsaufnahme Power consumption W 1,6 2,6 4,0 6,9
    Spezifische Eingangsleistung Specific power consumption W/m3/h 0,11 0,09 0,10 0,13
    Eingangsspannung Input voltage V 230 AC
    Schutzart Type of protection - IP 40
    Schutzklasse Appliance class - II
    Konnektivität Connectivity - Bluetooth LE (2,4 GHz)
    Maximale Sendeleistung Maximum transmitting power dBm 0,6
    Maximale Reichweite Maximum range m 1005)
    Normschallpegeldifferenz Dn,w Sound level difference Dn,w dB Standard: 42,8 – 48,6 silentAir: 49,1 – 63,8 silentAir Top: 55,2 – 61,7 silentAir Front: 60,9 – 62,9
    Betriebstemperatur Operating temperatur °C -20 — +60
    Abmessungen Dimensions
    Mindestwandstärke Minimum wall thickness mm 205
    Wandöffnung Wall opening mm Ø 162
    Innenabschluss (BxHxT) Inside cover (WxHxD) mm 218 x 220 x 32
    Außenabschluss (BxHxT) Outside cover (WxHxD) mm 230 x 234 x 71
    Gewicht Weight kg 3,8
    Zulassungen Certifications
    Energieeffizienzklasse6) Energy class6) -
    Konformität Conformity -

    1) Gemäß DIN EN 13141-8 Acc. DIN EN 13141-8

    2) Bei paarweisem Betrieb When operated in pairs

    3) Ermittelt in 2 m Abstand gemäß DIN EN ISO 11203 Determined in 2 m distance acc. DIN EN ISO 11203

    4) Mit Schalldämmelement 3K With sound insulation element 3K

    5) Im Freifeldaufbau (innerhalb von Gebäuden sind Abweichungen möglich) In free field configuration (within buildings deviations are possible)

    6) Gemäß VO 1254/2014 EU Acc. REG 1254/2014 EU

    SmartFan® Pro BT control units

    Wireless via wall panel and smart app

    ComfortControl Pro BT

    ComfortControl Pro BT

    With app and wall-mounted control unit

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