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easyFan control units

PUSH and EASY control units

Two alternatives are available for controlling easyFan ventilation units: the functional EASY control unit operated via a rotary knob or the intuitive PUSH control unit with its automatic humidity control and four pre-set modes. Both control units warn you when either the dust filter or the pollen filter needs changing. Decide for yourself, dependent on your individual requirements.

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PUSH control unit

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The getAir PUSH control unit offers four different modes, reflecting your needs and providing optimal ventilation. Click on one of the control unit's buttons for more information.

Eco mode

Eco mode

The system changes the direction of the air in pairs in a 70-second interval so that the heat recovery is ensured. The heat recovery rate is up to 91%.

Full-blast mode

Full-blast mode

In order to achieve a fast and draft-free ventilation of the apartment, in the case of short-term increased humidity or CO2 concentration, the system runs in just one direction.

Sleep mode

Sleep mode

Enables noisless failing asleep. The fan turns off for an hour and then continues to run automatically in the last set mode. So you can sleep comfortably, while the easyFan® provides sufficient oxygen.

Filter mode

Filter mode

An integrated meter is used to determine when a filter change is needed. This keeps the room air pollen-free and dust-free at all times.

Automatic mode

Automatic mode

Automatic mode is available when a fan unit is equipped with a sensor. Using this mode, the system automatically adjusts to a room‘s temperature and humidity levels.

EASY control unit

Simple controls at the flick of your wrist

Operating the EASY control unit is simple – all you need to do is to turn the control knob. The control unit offers two modes: heat recovery and ventilation mode, both of which can run at four different speeds.

The filter incorporated in the easyFan ventilation unit guarantees pollen- and dust-free air. If it gets clogged up, a warning will appear on the EASY control unit telling you that a filter change is necessary.

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The Push control unit can be easily connected to the mains via a double-depth pattress box. With its input voltage of just 12 volts, the system is also very energy-efficient.

The step-by-step wiring instructions are to be found in the PUSH control unit installation and operating instructions.

Download the installation and operating instructions