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Sound insulating ventilation as part of the exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS)
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silentAir window reveal solution
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Slimline design

Fits the reveal perfectly

The concealed silentAir window reveal solution is easy to integrate. This soundproofing element can be built in provided the exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) is a minimum of 80 mm thick. The silentAir window reveal ventilation option is discreet, with the façade finish barely visible. Smart installation technology means you only need two components to install the ventilation unit. The insulation element made from patented Neopor is installed straight into the window reveal, while a mounting tube, the fan unit (e.g. a SmartFan®) and the ceramic heat exchanger fit into the wall of the building via a core hole only 162 mm in diameter. The only part of the unit visible from the outside is an unobtrusive ventilation grille.

Almost noiseless

Particularly quiet operation

This quietest-in-class home ventilation unit – the silentAir window reveal element – combines with the SmartFan® to provide the best possible sound insulation and air flow technology. Besides good soundproofing to the outside, any operating noise from the fan unit is barely audible in the home. Sound insulation mats help achieve this effect. Additionally, the electromagnetic drive system with its vibration damper cuts out practically all noise from the motor.

Double sound deflection

Sound insulation class 6

The silentAir soundproofing element for window reveals has very high levels of sound insulation and an especially effective absorption of exterior noise. Double air flow deflection within the ventilation system minimises air flow noise. The optional retrofitted sound insulation mat will attain excellent acoustic results, bringing the values within sound insulation class 6. Thus the silentAir window reveal element combined with the SmartFan® achieves sound protection of over 60 dB, making it well suited for use near airports, railways, main roads and in other extremely noisy environments.

Flexible installation

With our 180° plug-in system

Our innovative plug-in principle means you can rotate the silentAir window reveal element and it will still be easy to install. The system is made up of two polystyrene parts like jigsaw pieces that can be detached and rotated by 180°. This means it is flexible and can be installed on either the left- or the right-hand side of the window reveal. A single system can therefore cover two different installation scenarios.

Interactive elements

silentAir Top lintel solution

  • Ideal where walls are too narrow either side of the window
  • Ideal for patio doors
  • Invisible from the outside
  • High levels of sound insulation, up to Dn.e.w = 62 dB(A)
  • Outside cover with plastic or stainless steel ventilation grille

silentAir Front sound insulation solution

  • No windows required
  • Very high sound insulation thanks to multiple sound deflection, up to Dne W = 63 dB(A)
  • Can be used with or without tracks for roller shutters
  • Can also be used in attic storeys where there is sufficient jamb height
  • Outside cover either plastic or stainless steel

Technical data

All facts and data at a glance

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Technical data
Allgemein General
Wärmebereitstellungsgrad, ηmax. Heat recovery rate, ηmax. % 92
Wärmebereitstellungsgrad, ηØ, ERP Heat recovery rate, ηØ, ERP % 85
Wärmebereitstellungsgrad, ηØ, DIBt Heat recovery rate, ηØ, DIBt % 82,1

Stufe 1

Level 1

Stufe 2

Level 2

Stufe 3

Level 3

Stufe 4

Level 4

Volumenstrom2) Airflow volume2) m3/h 17 28 39 55
Schalldruckpegel3) Sound pressure level3) db(A) 12 | 104) 19 | 164) 26 | 234) 33 | 304)
Leistungsaufnahme Power consumption W 1,6 2,6 4,0 6,9
Spezifische Eingangsleistung Specific power consumption W/m3/h 0,11 0,09 0,10 0,13
Eingangsspannung Input voltage V 230 AC
Schutzart Type of protection - IP 40
Schutzklasse Appliance class - II
Konnektivität Connectivity - Bluetooth LE (2,4 GHz)
Maximale Sendeleistung Maximum transmitting power dBm 0,6
Maximale Reichweite Maximum range m 1005)
Normschallpegeldifferenz Dn,w Sound level difference Dn,w dB

Standard: 42,8 – 48,6

silentAir: 49,1 – 63,8

silentAir Top: 55,2 – 61,7

silent Air Front: 60,9 – 62,9

Betriebstemperatur Operating temperatur °C -20 — +60
Abmessungen Dimensions
Mindestwandstärke Minimum wall thickness mm 205
Wandöffnung Wall opening mm Ø 162
Innenabschluss (BxHxT) Inside cover (WxHxD) mm 218 x 220 x 32
Außenabschluss (BxHxT) Outside cover (WxHxD) mm 230 x 234 x 71
Gewicht Weight kg 3,8
Zulassungen Certifications
Energieeffizienzklasse6) Energy class6) -
Konformität Conformity -

1) Gemäß DIN EN 13141-8 Acc. DIN EN 13141-8

2) Bei paarweisem Betrieb When operated in pairs

3) Ermittelt in 2 m Abstand gemäß DIN EN ISO 11203 Determined in 2 m distance acc. DIN EN ISO 11203

4) Mit Schalldämmelement 3K With sound insulation element 3K

5) Im Freifeldaufbau (innerhalb von Gebäuden sind Abweichungen möglich) In free field configuration (within buildings deviations are possible)

6) Gemäß VO 1254/2014 EU Acc. REG 1254/2014 EU

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