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ComfortControl Pro & BasicControl Pro

Simple wiring in star configuration.

The ComfortControl Pro and BasicControl Pro communicate via a 3-core data cable.
The wiring uses a star configuration radiating out from the control unit to each fan. This means installation requires fewer resources
and fitting will run very smoothly.

ComfortControl Pro with app control

Achieve maximum comfort in no time

The ComfortControl Pro wired control unit can be used in conjunction with the getAir® app on your phone to ensure a comfortable, feel-good climate at all times. Convenient to control via the app or directly via the wall-mounted control unit. Use the many possible individual settings or simply achieve maximum comfort at the touch of a button, fully automated and controlled using sensors.

  • Level control
  • Ventilation with heat recovery (energy efficient ventilation)
  • Cross ventilation (summer ventilation)
  • Automatic humidity and temperature control (automatic mode)
  • Individual, demand-based ventilation on a timer (timer mode)
  • Air quality display
  • Increased short-term air exchange (power mode)
  • Can operate when not paired

3in1 sensors

Fine sensors detect humidity, temperature and air quality (VOCs). The fans are then turned up or down fully automatically based on the state of the ambient air. Users can switch between "quick ventilation" mode (fan turns in one direction) and "heat recovery" mode (fan alternates between two directions). The app allows users to view the indoor air quality at a glance via the humidity and temperature measurements. Air quality is greatly affected by pollution from volatile organic compounds, also known as VOCs.

  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Air quality (VOCs)

BasicControl Pro control unit

  • Level control
  • Ventilation with heat recovery (energy efficient ventilation)
  • Cross ventilation (summer ventilation)
  • Imperceptible ventilation (sleep mode)
  • Can operate when not paired
ComfortControl Pro BasicControl Pro
Max. no. of fans 7 7
Max. cable length1) 50 m 50 m
Performance levels 4 (fully adjustable in 0.1 increments)2) 4
No. of ventilation modes 6 4
Cross ventilate
Sleep mode 2)
Automatic mode 2)
Timer mode 2) -
Power mode 2) -
Connectivity WLAN (2,4 GHz) -
Sensors in control unit temperature, humidity, air quality temperature, humidity
Plug-in sensor support - -
App & voice control2) -

1) To each fan (cable diameter: 0.5 mm2), max. total cable length in the system 200 m

2) In conjunction with the app