Fresh air - now so simple

The smallest, quietest and most efficient decentralized home ventilation unit in its class.


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Welcome to the home ventilation revolution

getAir’s ventilation units are ringing in a new generation in decentralized home ventilation. These innovative ventilation systems with integrated heat recovery represent our core competence, built up and constantly developed over the past few years.

Our SmartFan® is the result of many years of research and development. getAir’s technology is based on innovative components reducing noise, optimising airflow and recovering heat. But performance alone is not what makes us what we are: we have also perfected the fusion of efficient technology and compact design.

Place your trust in our SmartFan® technology

With its SmartFan® range, getAir offers a complete decentralised ventilation system for your whole house. It not only blends in with your decorating scheme, but also provides optimal airflow at minimum noise levels.

You can install SmartFans® in as many rooms as needed, in most cases in rooms where fresh air is required: living rooms, bedrooms and playrooms. SmartFan® ventilation involves at least two units working concurrently, controlled by a single control unit. To install a SmartFan®, all that is needed is a core-drilled hole through a room’s outside wall.

Experience our SmartFan® technology


Loft solution
Window reveal solution
Kitchen / bathroom solution
Cellar solution

Fresh air – now so simple


The fan expels warm spent air for 70 seconds.

The ceramic heat exchanger recovers the valuable heat from the outflowing air until its storage capacity is reached.

The fan then changes direction, transporting fresh outside air into the room. The inflowing cold air is warmed by the heat previously stored.

Once the stored heat is exhausted, the fan changes direction and a new cycle begins.

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