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SmartFan® Pro BT

The wireless home ventilation system for all requirements

More compact, quiet & efficient

Smart Fan Pro Bt

Wireless solution – no cables, perfect for both renovation and new build

Experience the new generation of decentralised home ventilation with SmartFan® Pro BT. Now even quieter and more efficient at maximum flow rate in the smallest of spaces. Highly energy saving heat recovery and a secure wireless solution make SmartFan® Pro BT the most futureproof ventilation technology for residential construction – whether for new build or renovation.

This advanced ventilation system has inbuilt heat recovery which allows energy savings of up to 69 %. SmartFan® Pro BT has the latest components to optimise air flow, reduce noise and recover heat, making it the perfect energy saving solution for your home.

Patented Infinity Air Technology – greater comfort and quicker installation

The SmartFan® Pro BT uses patented Infinity Air Technology which combines four different technologies in one – PreTech, VenTech, GripTech and RecoTech – so it can achieve the greatest efficiency, aerodynamics and sustainability. The serrated blade geometry, heat-storing plastic and aerodynamic finger guard set new standards.

Our SmartFan® Pro BT can supply fresh air to every room in your home, including living rooms, bedrooms and playrooms. This can be controlled individually according to your requirements using unique wireless Bluetooth Mesh technology. Installing a SmartFan® is quick and straightforward. All you need is a core hole drilled through an external wall.

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The simple principle of
decentralised home ventilation
and its advantages

With conventional ventilation, heated ambient air escapes to the outdoors. It takes the heat energy out with it, which cannot then be used. This is what decentralised home ventilation with heat recovery will prevent. The heat from the stale air is stored, and only then is it released to the outside. This simple principle saves significant costs.

  • Fresh, healthy air despite an airtight building envelope
  • Heat recovery means very little warmth is lost
  • Humidity is regulated to prevent mould forming
  • Heating costs are lower compared to ventilation using windows
  • The building structure is protected against moisture damage
  • Dirt, pollen and dust are filtered out to help allergy sufferers
What you need to know

Convincing quality of life: the benefits of decentralised home ventilation

Home comfort

A ventilation system can be a real boon to allergy sufferers in particular, since the supply air runs through an electrostatic filter which removes up to 90 % of pollen and dirt particles. This gives an indoor climate where you can breathe more easily!


Controlling the fresh supply air has a constant, positive effect on residents' health. When windows are closed it is easier to sleep, since the noise stays outside.

Energy saving

With conventional ventilation, heated ambient air escapes freely to the outdoors. It takes the heat energy out with it, which cannot then be used. This is what decentralised home ventilation with heat recovery will prevent. The heat from the stale air is stored, and only then is it released to the outside. This simple principle saves significant costs.

Maintaining the value of your home / Home protection

Safety and security are positive aspects of decentralised home ventilation that are often underestimated. Indeed, it can be beneficial not to open windows for ventilation. This protects your home against break-ins and worrying about whether you really have closed all your windows, particularly while you are away.

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Convincing quality of life: The benefits of decentralised home ventilation

Home, sweet home – where we live is close to our hearts. We feel most relaxed and unguarded within our own four walls. Our visual perceptions play a big role in ensuring we really feel good there. Yet our other senses also count towards the best possible quality of life: what is the room temperature? Does the humidity in the room feel pleasant? What is the air quality actually like? Fresh air is the key to a comfortable atmosphere in our homes. It helps us concentrate and perform well, keeps us healthy and energetic. Equally, a room that's poorly ventilated and has too little fresh air has a negative impact on the body. This becomes apparent as we struggle to concentrate, feel unwell and get headaches. Increasing humidity due to a lack of air exchange can quickly lead to mould forming. This poses a serious risk for both humans and building structures. As a leading ventilation system manufacturer, at getAir® we know just what's at stake with the ideal home and air quality. We can explain how to remove detrimental factors and show the other advantages of decentralised home ventilation over conventional systems.
Dezentrale Wohnraumlüftung im Einsatz

Easy installation and maintenance

Have you always thought that installing home ventilation would take major renovation work and technical expertise? That's not the case for decentralised ventilation systems. In contrast with centralised ventilation systems that use a network of ventilation ducts running through several rooms, normally installed at the new build stage, installing decentralised ventilation brings much less disruption. A single core hole drilled in the building envelope is all you need to fit the ventilation system. Once it is in place, the system can be removed at any time – for instance to clean the filter on a regular basis. This is something you can do yourself. All that's required is to clean the individual system components with fresh water: the pollen filter, inside and outside covers. Even changing the filter regularly is straightforward.

Energy savings with up to 92% heat recovery

How can you help the environment and save cash at the same time? By using decentralised home ventilation! This theory becomes reality with our mature heat recovery technology. The ceramic heat exchanger in our ventilation system draws heat from the warm extract air and transfers it to the fresh supply air from outdoors. Significantly less heat energy is required as a result. And that means much lower heating costs. For a detailed look at the principle of heat recovery and how it works step-by-step, see the diagram above.

With decentralised living room ventilation, never ventilate windows again

Did you know? To ensure optimal air quality, fresh air should be channelled through a room briefly at least every two or three hours. If moisture and temperature are too high, and the oxygen levels too low, the environment will be less comfortable and mould may grow on the walls. Opening windows all the time for ventilation is not only time-consuming – and not possible if you work away from home – but can cause many other problems such as increasing the risk of break-ins. In summer, flies and biting insects can enter bedrooms and playrooms while the window is open. Opening windows exposes allergy sufferers to airborne pollen, especially in the springtime. And if you live on a road with heavy traffic, you are probably only too well aware of the problems with noise. Decentralised home ventilation is the answer to all these factors limiting the comfort and atmosphere in your home. Individual rooms can be ventilated using the device fitted into the external wall of your home, meaning you can keep your windows closed. Then anything that should stay outside – including intruders, insects, pollen and noise – will stay outside. All the while, your home sweet home will be supplied with fresh air.

Sit back and enjoy: Thanks to the easy controls

getAir® home ventilation systems have smart control units that enable you to choose when and how fresh air enters your home. They provide functions to regulate the ventilation perfectly in every common situation, and some exceptional ones. It's easy to select individual control modes to suit cooking, laundry and night time. The power's in your hands. getAir® makes home ventilation systems that offer even greater comfort, with an effective automatic mode. The system's additional sensor measures the room temperature and humidity and automatically regulates the ventilation to achieve the ideal indoor climate. All you need to do is sit back and relax. For further information about decentralised ventilation systems with heat recovery belonging to the SmartFan® range, see our website and also our home ventilation magazine. We would of course be happy to answer any particular questions you have.