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The smallest, quietest and most efficient decentralized home ventilation unit in its class.

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Noise deflector
Guide vane
Extremely flat

Inside cover

Perfected flat design

With its aerodynamically shaped air outlet and integrated guide vane (a feature of modern turbine technology), the high-tech covers guarantee optimal airflow. The innovative solution with its integrated fan turbine technology boosts the fan’s performance, providing maximum airflow yet using minimum energy – as confirmed by the aerodynamic tests conducted by the Düsseldorf University of Applied Science’s Department of Fluid Mechanics. Moreover, the cover’s rounded design blends in with the décor.

Even children can change the filter!

Pollen filter

A ‘pollen magnet’

The pollen filter prevents dust and pollen from entering a room. The optional pollen filter uses the principle of the electrostatic attraction of positively charged atoms. Like a duster, the filter attracts tiny particles in the air – like a magnet –, thereby greatly reducing the amount of pollen and dust in the inflowing air, without any great loss of pressure. And the regular cleaning of the filter is no great problem: all you have to do is to take the unit apart (just a couple of steps), the filter is vacuumed, and then replace everything.

Cutting out vibration
Reversible fan
Protective grille
Retrofitting a sensor

Fan unit

Aerodynamic and exceptionally quiet

The reversible axial fan with its protective grille is at the heart of the ventilation system. The electromagnetic motor with its vibration damper cuts out practically all mechanical noise, while at the same time ensuring high performance (up to 46 m³/h when operated in pairs). The aerodynamically shaped rotor blades transport air in a highly efficient and silent manner. The fan’s main feature is its constant performance in both directions.

Honeycomb structure
Special ceramics
Insect filter

The ceramic heat exchanger

Inspired by nature

The highly efficient ceramic honeycomb heat exchanger provides the highest possible surface area for recovering heat from the outflowing air, achieving a heat recovery rate of up to 91%. At the same time, the elevated pores result in a comparatively low loss of pressure. The heat exchanger is made of a special ceramic material particularly resistant to chemical, thermal and mechanical influences.

Noise deflector
Guide vane
Condensate lip

Outside cover

Technologically mature

The functionality of the outside cover has been designed right down to the very last detail. The noise deflector inside the cover minimises outside noise, as well as any airflow and motor noise. Due to the 3-degree gradient of the core-drilled hole, any condensate in the installation cylinder flows down to the outside  cover, where a special lip lets it drip off. Even installation is simple, as it can be done completely without tools or having to drill holes. This also means that maintenance is simple.

Plug-in sensor
Automatic recognition

Sophisticated sensor technology

Sensitive technology

The sensor is located within the fan unit, directly measuring inflowing and outflowing air. Registering the air’s temperature and humidity level, it automatically selects the level of ventilation in line with the selected mode. All SmartFan® systems allow a sensor to be retrofitted.

SmartFan® S

With automatic humidity and temperature regulation

SmartFan S

The new SmartFan® S is a further developed version of the existing SmartFan®. It combines all the features of the existing SmartFan with innovative sensor technology.

Its integrated sensors measure a room’s temperature and humidity level, enabling it to automatically select the right mode for achieving optimal ventilation. This in turn allows occupants to stop worrying about too high humidity levels or wasted heating energy. Thanks to the SmartFan S, they can always enjoy a comfortable climate in all rooms. The SmartFan® S is controlled via the modern TOUCH control unit, which also offers a wide range of modes in manual operation.

Anyone already using a SmartFan for his home ventilation and wanting to benefit from the advantages of the new sensor-driven controls can upgrade his existing system.

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Technical data
Heat recovery rate, ηmax. % 91
Heat recovery rate, ηØ, ERP % 83
  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Airflow volume1) m3/h 18 28 38 46
Sound pressure level2) db(A) 11 19 28 33
Power consumption3) W 0,8 1,4 2,6 4,0
Specific power consumption3) W/m3/h 0,09 0,10 0,14 0,17
Input voltage V 42 DC
Type of protection - IP 42
Appliance class - II
Sound level difference Dn,w dB min. 44
Operating temperature °C -20 — +60
Minimum wall thickness4) mm 280
Optimal wall thickness mm 360
Wall opening mm Ø 162
Inside cover (WxHxD) mm 198 x 199 x 45
Outside cover (WxHxD) mm 198 x 199 x 45
Weight kg 4,6
Energy class5) -
Energy class with Plug-In senso5) -
DIBt reference number - GZ III 56-1.51.3-19/16
Conformity -

1) When operated in pairs
2) Determined in 2 m distance under free field conditions at supply-air operationb
3) Without power supply
4) With shortened fan-unit and metal outside cover
5) Acc. REG 1254/2014 EU

SmartFan® control unit

You’re an individual - and so is your ventilation!

Coming soon

App controls

App controls

Control all SmartFan® functions via a smartphone app. The intuitive control screen provides the same functionality as the TOUCH control unit.

LED control unit

LED control unit

The low-price control unit has just four buttons, making it very easy to select fan speed and operating modes.

TOUCH control unit

TOUCH control unit

A touch of your finger on the TOUCH control unit is all you need to select the fan speed for selected zones. The six pre-defined operating modes can be selected for each zone

It’s up to you: a TOUCH or LED control unit

getAir’s control units are designed as modules, thereby increasing flexibility. The frame and control screen can be inserted into the base element without tools, allowing for instance the low-price LED control unit to be upgraded to a multifunctional TOUCH control unit.

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