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THE brand for decentralised home ventilation

getAir is THE brand for decentralised home ventilation

Innovative, dynamic and future-oriented: based in Mönchengladbach in Germany, the family-run company stands for sophisticated and innovative products in the field of decentralized home ventilation. Thanks to its in-house R&D centre, all product developments are based on the latest technological standards – the reason why experts view getAir as a leading player in the ventilation sector. Close partnerships with universities and research centres in Germany and abroad underpin this claim.

Here at getAir, we hold the opinion that now is the time to start re-thinking

It won’t be long before installing decentralised home ventilation when modernising or refurbishing an existing building or constructing a new one will be a matter of course. Anyone building for the future should plan to install an automatic ventilation system. Modern building materials insulate a house so well that pollutants and damp, once inside, can’t escape. Without adequate ventilation, rooms become damp and mould might even start to develop. Through regulating the indoor climate, you can help preserve the building’s structure, while at the same time increasing the value of your property.

The getAir Vision: 100% pure air for everybody

The getAir team is constantly working on further developing ventilation systems. Our latest invention is the getAir Purifier which filters out 100% of air-borne pollutants. In our high-tech world, pure air is increasingly becoming a luxury. Pollution through particulates in the exhausts of increasing numbers of vehicles in our cities is constantly breaking (negative) records. Energy costs never stop rising, as the availability of raw materials is finite and progress in developing alternative energy sources is too slow. The getAir Purifier is our answer to all these challenges, as it recovers up to 90% of heat while at the same time filtering out nearly 100% of particulates.

getAir Systeme are “Made in Germany”

getAir high-quality products are made exclusively in Germany: we fulfil the requirements for the “Made in Germany” label in our modern production plant in Mönchengladbach. Moreover, production of our ventilation systems is focused on sustainability. All getAir employees are aware of their societal responsibility to manufacture products as economically as possible, using as few raw materials as possible. This results in a unique production line for decentralised home ventilation products based on the highest environmental standards.


In all modern homes, decentralised ventilation will greatly improve occupants’ well-being. Mould in residential buildings will be a thing of the past, as all closed rooms will benefit from a continual supply of fresh air. No more high energy bills caused by having to open windows to let in fresh air. getAIr products are designed to cater for individual needs. We supply our customers with intelligent ventilation systems meeting the strictest technological, environmental and cost-saving requirements.

The guiding getAir principle: keep things simple
Forget all those concerns you might have about a ventilation system being complicated to install and requiring a lot of maintenance. Our ultramodern getAir fresh air systems combine simple yet highly efficient technology and extreme compactness. Thanks to their compact design, little effort is needed to install them. And their modular design makes changing a filter easy. Proven technologies are a guarantee for a long life.

Be part of the revolution