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SmartFan® L Plus

The 2-in-1 window reveal solution with top sound protection.

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Flache Bauweise

Flat structure

Fits perfectly into the window reveal

getAir's SmartFan® L Plus fits into any window reveal without a problem. The decentralised home ventilation unit can be installed in an exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) just 60mm thick. A further advantage of installing the SmartFan® L Plus is its near invisibility. On account of its smart installation technique, only two components are needed to install the ventilation unit: an insulation element made of patented Neopor® is inserted directly into the window reveal, while an installation cylinder containing the fan unit and ceramic heat exchanger is concealed in a core-drilled hole (just 162 millimetres in diameter) in the outside wall. The only component visible from the outside is the unobtrusive grille.


Practically noiseless

Exceptionally low operating noise

The home ventilation unit with the lowest noise level in its class, the SmartFan® L Plus features optimal sound insulation and airflow. Apart from its good sound protection, any operating noise caused by the fan unit is hardly audible due to the use of sound-absorbing mats. Moreover, the electromagnetic motor with vibration control reduces any fan noise to a minimum. In addition, the sleek inside cover is fitted with a noise deflector. And its patented multi-membrane plastic coating further reduces any airflow noise.

Laibung Strömung

Twofold sound deflection

Achieves sound insulation class 6

The SmartFan® L Plus features a very high level of sound insulation and is very good at absorbing outside noise. The twofold airflow deflection within the ventilation unit minimises transmission noise. Moreover, the unit has an additional sound absorption mat, thereby allowing it to achieve excellent acoustic values in the area of sound insulation class 6. This means that the SmartFan® L Plus offers more than 60 dB protection, and is thus suitable for use in buildings near airports, railways, main roads and other very noisy places.

Interactive elements

Flexible installation

Thanks to the 180° coupling system

You can twist and turn the SmartFan® L Plus to achieve the right installation form. The system consists of two Styrofoam elements, coupled together at any 180° angle, and allowing the ventilation unit to be installed on either side of the window. This is very practical, with just one system covering two installation options.

SmartFan Technologie

SmartFan® technology

A smart mix of proven and innovative technology

As with all getAir systems, the SmartFan® L Plus window reveal solution is based on the SmartFan® technology. Each getAir ventilation unit is a compact power pack which, operated in pairs, can move between 18 and 46 m³/h of air with simultaneous heat recovery of up to 91 percent, reducing heating bills by up to 50%. But the ventilation system is not just for use in winter: running in summer mode, it pumps in cool air at night, meaning that rooms do not get too hot. As with all SmartFan® products, the SmartFan® L Plus can be operated via a multifunctional TOUCH control screen or an intuitive LED operating panel, thus fulfilling all requirements for a mature, smart and up-to-date decentralised home ventilation unit.

Technical data

All data and facts at a glance

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Technical data
Heat recovery rate, ηmax. % 91
Heat recovery rate, ηØ, ERP % 83
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Airflow volume1) m3/h 18 28 38 46
Sound pressure level2) db(A) 11 19 28 33
Power consumption3) W 0,8 1,4 2,6 4,0
Specific power consumption3) W/m3/h 0,09 0,10 0,14 0,17
Input voltage V 42 DC
Type of protection - IP 42
Appliance class - II
Sound level difference Dn,w dB min. 49 | Standard min. 61 | Plus
Operating temperature °C -20 — +60
Minimum wall thickness4) mm 360
Optimal wall thickness mm 385
Distance to window reveal mm 180 — 480
Wall opening mm Ø 162
Inside cover (WxHxD) mm 198 x 199 x 45
Outside cover (WxHxD) mm 57 x 341 x 8,5
Weight kg 6,0
Energy class5) -
Energy class with Plug-In senso5) -
DIBt reference number - GZ III 56-1.51.3-19/16
Conformity -

1) When operated in pairs 2) Determined in 2 m distance under free field conditions at supply-air operationb 3) Without power supply 4) With shortened fan-unit and metal outside cover 5) Acc. REG 1254/2014 EU

SmartFan® L control unit

You’re an individual - and so is your ventilation!

App controls

App controls

Control all SmartFan® functions via a smartphone app. The intuitive control screen provides the same functionality as the TOUCH control unit.

LED control unit

LED control unit

The low-price control unit has just four buttons, making it very easy to select fan speed and operating modes.

TOUCH control unit

TOUCH control unit

The six pre-defined operating modes can be individually selected for each zone, in line with your personal needs.

SmartFan® L Plus – extremely quiet and practically invisible

The SmartFan® L Plus provides optimal ventilation, while at the same time shutting out noise. Especially in residential areas with high noise pollution, for instance near airports, railways or main roads, installation of a decentralised ventilation unit significantly upgrades a building. Fresh air without noise: finally possible with the SmartFan® L Plus.

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